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client: Dan French for County Exec

[Designer’s comment] Work for Dan French for County Exec included design and production as well as copywriting and images sourcing and editing for a brochure and logo design. Note the "before" image below shows a design done by the client—with the NYDL redesign above. The presentation was completely overhauled, with new text, images and logo, making a much more effective and professional pitch to voters, inlcuding 3 key "selling points." [TYPOGRAPHY] Custom font Vonnes was used throughout the brochure. [TECH NOTE] In addition to messaging/copywriting and image-sourcing, NYDL also managed printing and mailing. NYDL also managed all website development including design, coding and domain registration/hosting.

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French flyer before redesign by NYDL

font vonnes


Red Hook politics Poster
Red Hook politics Lawn Sign design