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RH CPA Political Designs

client: Red Hook Commmunity Preservation Act Campaign

[Designer’s comment] Work on this major issue campaign marketing project included ten postcards and flyers, lawn signs, website, email marketing, letterhead, stickers and posters. Messaging focused on and repeated three key points that had been highlighted as voter concerns by polling completed early in the campaign. This challenging issue asked voters to approve a small fee attached to real estate purchases that would be used to fund land preservation efforts, thus helping assure higher land values. This intensive campaign is credited with helping the measure pass. [TYPOGRAPHY] Most of the pieces consistently used Helvetica Neue, however Champion is used in the earth poster. [TECH NOTE] In addition to messaging/copywriting and image-sourcing, NYDL also managed printing and mailing. NYDL also managed all website development including design, coding and domain registration/hosting.

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Red Hook CPA Poster
Red Hook CPA Lawn Sign design
Red Hook CPA Postcard
Red Hook CPA Postcard
Red Hook CPA Postcard
Red Hook CPA Postcard