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Red Hook Dems logo design

client: Red Hook Dems

[Designer’s comment] Work with this client spans eight years and over 10 campaigns and includes numerous postcards and flyers, lawn signs, TV titles and video production, website designs, email marketing, letterhead, logo design, stickers and posters. [TYPOGRAPHY] The logo seen here is a redrawn version of Rockwell; the other pieces use a variety of fonts but there is a consistent use of strong headline and imagery, for a direct and clear impact with the reader. [TECH NOTE] In addition to messaging/copywriting and image-sourcing, NYDL also manages printing and mailing as well as website design.

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font rockwell


Red Hook Dems Logo
Red Hook Dems No Tax Postcard
Red Hook United Sign
Red Hook CPA Postcard
Red Hook CPA Postcard
Red Hook CPA Postcard