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Fabulous Yarn Graphic Designs

client: fabulous yarn

[Designer’s comment] These designs were done as part of an overall branding package for Fabulous Yarn, a luxury yarn and knitwear retail outfit working mostly online but also in a shop in Tivoli New York. [TYPOGRAPHY] These designs give some idea of the range of typographic play that NYDL designers will engage in to come up with the right look and feel for the client—from traditional to modern, but always with a reasonable amount of legibility. In fact often the simplest designs are the best, combining the right blend of typography and art into a strong graphic design. [TECH NOTE] When working across many media, it is critical to not just resize but in some cases re-draw both image and type—often both type and image are carefully resized and shaped to work at the various resolutions and scales to work well across print, web, signage, abd clothing.

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