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what makes a great logo?

Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer best known for the "I Love New York" logo, says that it has to do with simplicity. "You want to move the viewer in a perception so that when they first look at [the logo]...they get the idea, because that act between seeing and understanding is critical," he recently told the graphic design blog Design Informer.  
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The Making of a Logo

The Nike swoosh. The Amtrak arrow. NBC's peacock. As simple as the end results may seem, designing a distinctive and memorable logo can be a daunting task. The new book "Symbol" by Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman (Laurence King) explores the visual language of symbols, with over 1,300 examples from companies and organizations around the world.  
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Thinking with Type

want to learn more about type? For clients and new (or old) designers who want to the better understand the nuts and bolts about working with type and letters, Ellen Lupton's Thinking with Type is a great place to start.  
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