iVillage logo design

client: ivillage

[designer’s comment] This branding makeover and new logo design evolved out of a redesign of iVillage by NYDL designer John Schmitz during that seminal website’s early years. During those explorations, additional logo design variations were developed for the additional “channels.” Although other design firms were engaged during the process, none were able to give the client what she wanted—in this case only close collaboration with her allowed the project to be completed. The “swoosh” echoed the logo on the web page and on print materials and media kit. Later versions of the logo dropped the italic “i.[tech note] After the basic design was settled, additional sizes were drawn for use in various print as well as online applications. A stylebook was delivered to make easy future applications of the logo and branding system. [typography] The primary font used is Bitstream’s version of Bodoni Bold (Regular and Italic.)

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font bodoni


iVillage logo design 1
iVillage logo design 2
iVillage logo design 3
iVillage logo design 4