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RH Farms Political Designs

client: Red Hook Farms

[Designer’s comment] Support for small local farming has been a critical issue in Red Hook and the Hudson Valley and a number of campaigns worked to help market farms and candidates and issues that support them. This is an example of using design to help educate and inform the public—many ideas are lost in bad design—NY Designlab helps people communicate better with each other through better design. Work on these projects included design and production as well as copywriting and images sourcing and editing for postcards, flyers/brochures, lawn signs, website design and production, email marketing, letterhead, stickers, posters and t-shirts. [TYPOGRAPHY] Many typefaces were used depending on the character of the campaign; the "no farms no food" poster featured a custom stencil version of Interstate. [TECH NOTE] In addition to messaging/copywriting and image-sourcing, NYDL also managed printing and mailing. NYDL also managed all website development including design, coding and domain registration/hosting.

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sketch of farm farm produce photo from migliorelli farms

font interstate stencil


Red Hook Farms Poster
Red Hook Farms Poster design
Red Hook Farms Farm Map
Red Hook Farms Map Detail
Red Hook Farms Postcard
Red Hook Commnunity Preservation Act Postcard