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client: clearwater

[Designer’s comment] These posters were done for Clearwater to help their membership marketing at their annual festival—the three were designed and displayed as a tryptic emphasizing their three themes. The entire project was completed in several days due to an unexpected rush with little to work with other than a couple paragraphs of text. Fortunately Clearwater had a good library of images that we used extensively to show the range of activities at Clearwater. In this case the client asked for a traditional look—the decorative borders and dingbats were used along with the arching type to emulate an old-fashioned music poster. The posters worked well to draw people in to the membership booth—later the posters were sold as collectors items. [TYPOGRAPHY] The large display type was extensively redrawn in Illustrator from the original Clarendon. The smaller type was also Clarendon. [TECH NOTE] In addition to graphic design/production NYDL also managed printing; the poster was printed on a large plotter at about 24" x 36", mounted on foam core and then hung in the Festival tent.

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