Kirstin Gillibrand Rally Poster Designs: variations

client: Kirstin Gillibrand Rally

[Designer’s comment] These election posters were quickly produced using publically available and old public domain images along with traditional typography—a great way for grass roots campaigns to get a professional looking and effective message out at low cost. The same design can then be recycled for newspaper or magazine advertising or postcards. The look and feel on the first is based on old Soviet constructivist posters and the photo was posterized to increase graphic impact. [TYPOGRAPHY] Titling Gothic is used in these posters—the extreme narrow font is Titling Gothic Skyline. [TECH NOTE] In addition to graphic design/typography and production, NYDL also managed printing.

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font titling gothic skyline


Gillibrand Rally Poster 1
Gillibrand Rally Poster 2
Gillibrand Rally Poster 3