Uncle Rock Poster Designs: final and outtakes

client: Uncle Rock/red hook dems

[Designer’s comment] These music concert posters were done to promote a performance by singer-songwriter Uncle Rock at a Fourth of July picnic sponsored by the Red Hook Democrats. After photography was sourced, it was run through Photoshop to improve and add a more graphic quality and to work with the overall red, white and blue limited color palette. Before being dubbed “Uncle Rock” by his nephew, he performed in rock and roll bands, like garage rock titans The Fleshtones. These were done as event marketing one-offs, but could easily be developed into a larger branding system. [TYPOGRAPHY] Vonnes is tried in several outtakes, but final versions use a custom stencil version of Interstate. [TECH NOTE] In addition to graphic design/typography and production, NYDL also managed printing; two versions were distributed including one reduced to postcard size.

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uncle rock image before processing uncle rock image before processing


font  interstate


Uncle Rock Poster 1
Uncle Rock Poster 2
Uncle Rock Poster 3
Uncle Rock Poster 4
Uncle Rock Postcards